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Hey and welcome to Cripping Up Sex with Eva. I have been in the sex ed field for over 15 years. I didn’t get into it because I wanted to help people or I was a teacher. Rather, it was because I didn’t find any applicable information for me when I was a teenager.

I have cerebral palsy which affects my entire body. I use a wheelchair to get around and I’m non-verbal, so I spell out what I want to say on a letter board with a laser pointer on my hat. So in my late teens, I was looking for information about how to incorporate my disability into my sex life. I also identify as queer, so that’s a whole other layer.

After calling many disability organizations and asking if they have any information about disability and sex and either being told no or being hung up on, I decided to write a handbook. It talks about how to find queer-friendly aides, how to talk to your partner about your disability, how to adapt sex toys, and how to masturbate if you need assistance. Through this book, I was able to travel the country giving workshops on sex and disability. It was an awesome experience as I had people in their 50s coming to me and saying this was the first time they talked about sex ever!

Now, I teach  and I’m available for private consultations. Also, I am available for speaking events at venues such as colleges.I can do workshops online or in person. Check out a catalog of my available workshops here, and if you are interested, just email me! You can also check out my pre-recorded classes available for purchase! 

I also have a blog dedicated to reviewing sex toys with an accessible lens! It gives information for people with disabilities about different sex toys, to help them find the toy that will work best for them. I also have a wishlist
of sex toys I hope to review in the future for anyone who wants to donate! 

Support me and the work I do by tuning into my classes and tipping or by donating directly to me here.
I also have a Patreon which you can also subscribe to and get exclusive access to monthly content! 

Here is my press kit where you can find information about me and all my workshops! 

Want to see where else I have talked about sex and disability? Check out my CV here.

You can contact me either by emailing Crippingupsexwitheva@gmail.com or calling or texting (626)314-1122

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Eva Sweeney
Founder of Cripping Up Sex With Eva

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